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Porterhouse Productions is traveling to the Rothbury Music Festival July 2-5 with 9 team members with all-access, VIP media passes. With support from Rothbury and Madison House, Porterhouse staff will survey Rothbury team, environmental leaders, volunteers, attendees and artists to gather input and feedback for the purpose of creating an annual Rothbury-afterglow event in Northern Michigan beginning in 2010. This afterglow event could feature intimate concerts with Rothbury artists from previous years highlighting youth involvement, Rothbury Think Tank discussions and furthering the ideas/connections into action, leadership retreats in intensive trainings, festival debriefings/soapboxing and sustainable initiatives that extend and build on the Rothbury event as well as collaborate with community in the NW Michigan region and leaders from around the world.

Because of our unique festival access this year, we will be bringing those of you at home – or those who want to follow along at Rothbury – blogs, photos and videos of all the behind-the-scenes going-ons at the festival. Also partnering in our efforts are our friends at Absolute Michigan, who are hosting their own great blog focused on the Rothbury think tank discussions and who will be hunkering down at our base camp with us.

The Porterhouse Productions Rothbury Team is as follows:

Sam Porter – Owner, Porterhouse Productions
Charlie Peterson – Production Manager, Porterhouse Productions
Beth Milligan – Community Outreach/PR Manager, Porterhouse Productions
Tarah Cole – Intern Extraordinaire, Porterhouse Productions
Adam Waugh – Team Support, Porterhouse Productions
April Herteg – Team Support, Porterhouse Productions
Mike Moran – Singer-Songwriter, Mike Moran Music
Guests: Seth Bernard and May Erlewine – Singer-Songwriters, Earthwork Music

The Absolute Michigan Rothbury Team is as follows:

Andy McFarlane – Publisher, Absolute Michigan
Laura Herd – Promotions Director, Absolute Michigan
Richard Taber – Photographer, Absolute Michigan
Ryan Thompson – Founder, Greener Milwaukee and Blogger, Absolute Michigan

The artist lineup this year is terrific, and there are some great leadership and think tank discussions taking place. Be sure to check back daily for the latest news, updates and interviews from the festival. You can also view and share photos at our Rothbury Flickr page.


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